From smart home consumer products to the latest commercial and industrial automation equipment, RF technology is integral to the modern electronics industry.

If your enterprise is looking to develop a new custom product that utilizes RF communication, or if you require RF performance optimizations for your existing products, you have found your single-source electronics engineering and contract manufacturing service provider with Pergamon Corporation.

In-House RF Shield Room Offering Complete RF Testing Capabilities

Pergamon’s state-of-the-art RF test capabilities include an Agilent EXA 13.6GHz spectrum analyzer with built-in analysis functions, a 6GHz network analyzer for antenna/impedance matching, and an RF shield room fully equipped with the industry’s latest RF testing technology. We provide functional testing for commonly used digitally modulated signals such as Bluetooth, WiFi, and Zigbee protocols.

Other Functional Testing Services

We strive to provide your project with all of the electronics testing solutions required to verify the performance functionality of your products. Our engineers perform ongoing verification testing throughout the design and development process, carefully comparing results against the established benchmarks and specifications. Our range of testing methodologies include complete functional testing services, use-case simulation, bench measurements, as well as environmental stress testing.

Streamlined Product Development Solutions

At Pergamon, we approach product development and production holistically through our fully integrated engineering and manufacturing departments.

Whether we are building your new products from the ground up or adding RF capability enhancements to existing devices, we provide a streamlined approach to engineering which ensures efficiency, expedience, and superior results. Every fine-tuned RF feature is designed and tested in accordance with your unique product requirements and market applications.

Get a Quote for Your Custom RF Optimization Project

If your prototype or production project requires a custom, uniquely engineered RF optimization solution, look no further than the product development experts at Pergamon Corporation.