Electronics Manufacturing Technologies

Pergamon excels at a wide variety of electronics manufacturing technologies including SMT, PTH, mixed, COB, BGA, dense miniature package sizes, and box-build. We specialize in providing complete production services from materials sourcing to testing and quality control. With domestic and international components, we support a wide range of product complexity, volume mix from prototypes to high volume, and quick turn-around.


  • Surface Mount Technology

  • Flex and Rigid Flex Assembly
  • Plated Through-hole Assembly
  • Mixed-technology
  • Fine-pitch and Odd-form Component
  • Placement
  • Ball grid array placement
  • Chip-on-board
  • Selective Soldering
  • ROHS/non-ROHS
  • No-clean/Aqueous cleaning
  • Conformal coating


  • Box-build /all types of enclosures
  • CNC-machining
  • Electromechanical assembly
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Overmolding
  • Encapsulation
  • Lot control and serialization
  • Cable assembly
  • Terminal crimping
  • Automated epoxy dispensing
  • Hot stamping


  • Automated optical inspection
  • Customized functional testing
  • Standard modular test systems
  • RF test capability
  • Environmental testing
  • Burn-in
  • Failure analysis
  • Process and product qualification
  • Test records management with direct database integration

Our manufacturing team views current projects holistically in order to optimize collective purchasing power and bring lower costs to you. Because we have an international component that complements our domestic services, we can create an individualized plan for your product’s design, engineering, and manufacturing.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Pergamon has developed a highly customized and integrated ERP system that provides transparency into the stages of production. Whether it’s a salesperson checking shipment status for a customer, a production planner figuring out how to meet a schedule change request, or a quality inspector checking the product requirements, the ERP system ensures high efficiency and responsiveness to customer requests.

Ongoing refinement and addition of new features to this software are occurring as a natural part of our continuous improvement process. Unlike static off-the-shelf packages, Pergamon’s customized ERP software can quickly add customer-specific tools and workflows such as a Kanban scheduling system to meet your requirements. This powerful tool furthers our versatility by providing an integrated and holistic solution.

Program Management

For products requiring the flexibility and high customer visibility which can only be provided by local manufacturing, our East-coast manufacturing facility is ideally suited for new products or those with variable demand, lower volume, or multiple configurations. For stable products whose market acceptance depends on achieving the lowest possible cost, we will manufacture in our overseas facility while providing the same high level of customer support.

Our program manager serves as your central point of contact and is designated to interface with Pergamon teams at all facilities. He or she is experienced in managing project in both domestic and off-shore locations independently, in parallel, and simultaneously.


Pergamon has dedicated domestic and international sourcing teams to ensure our component cost and lead-time are optimized. Versatility in our program management team extends to these sourcing teams based on a deep understanding of deliverables and customer expectations.

Pergamon has the resources to explore alternative commodity components that are equivalent in quality to the specifications. We have a dedicated team which focuses on PCB, customized parts such as heat sink, LCD, LED modules, cable assemblies or any other build-to-print commodities.

Fulfillment and Logistics

With our expertise in logistics management and import/export compliance, our team can manage product fulfillment with customized packaging, user manuals, labels, and any other special requirements to distribution centers and end customers anywhere in the world.

Just-in-Time Delivery

Our component safety stock program and versatile ERP system further Pergamon’s capability in just-in-time delivery which allows our customer to adjust their demand and product mix with increased flexibility and reduced liability.