Engineering and Technical Support Services

In addition to product development, we offer a wide range of engineering and technical support services for all stages of your product’s lifecycle:

Custom electronics prototype engineering and manufacturing

Circuit Design

Our collective experience spans numerous application areas from simple embedded microcontrollers, to precision measurement/data collection devices, analog signal conditioning, closed-loop control systems, DSP, FPGA, and radio devices including Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi, and proprietary radio protocols in ISM bands.

PCB Layout

Altium Designer is our layout tool of choice for PCB layouts. We can handle layouts of any complexity and substrate type, including those with special requirements such as power or thermal design, differential pairs, impedance controlled traces, ESD guarding, capacitive sensing electrodes, etc.

Quick-turn prototype PCB assembly

As part of our manufacturing services, we provide quick-turn PCB assembly in as little as 1-day turnaround. For best results, contact us in the planning stage and we will work with you to optimize the schedule around parts availability, manufacturing process, and earliest prototype delivery so you can begin your testing.

Enclosure/encapsulation design

Our mechanical design engineers can design injection-molded plastic enclosures, overmolded PCB or cable assemblies, or custom plastic or composite parts. We can fabricate prototypes by CNC machining, 3D printing, and other standard shop methods.

Safety and Regulatory testing

We can provide design assistance, EMC remediation services, and general guidance and support in taking your product through all forms of safety and regulatory testing, including FCC and European EMC standards for both unintentional and intentional radiators, listing to UL and international safety standards, CE marking, and many application-specific standards.

RF performance optimization

Our RF test capabilities include an RF shield room, 6GHz network analyzer for antenna/impedance matching, and an Agilent EXA 13.6GHz spectrum analyzer with built-in analysis functions for digitally modulated signals such as those used in the Bluetooth, WiFi, and Zigbee protocols.

Sustaining engineering

As products move through their life cycle, the need for ongoing engineering investment to maximize lifetime ROI is often at odds with your engineering group’s focus on new products. We can help by supplementing your internal resources to design out obsolete parts, add features, achieve new cost reductions, or address functional problems uncovered from accumulated field experience.

Functional test development

We design and build functional test equipment customized to each product to ensure delivered quality. For best results, engage with us prior to board layout to do a design for testability (DFT) review.

  • Clamshell fixturing with overhead clamping or top-side test points
  • JTAG / boundary scan
  • Integrated device programming
  • Automatic upload of test data
  • GPIB control of measurement instruments
  • RF isolation of DUT