Supply Chain Management to Streamline Your Electronics Manufacturing Project

Ensuring the overall success of your electronics manufacturing project requires careful supply chain planning and management from the start. You have to balance maintaining a steady supply of all crucial components without overstocking and incurring all of the additional inventory costs that come with it. Simultaneously, you need to plan for any possible bottlenecks or [...]

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A Guide to Managing Electronics Product Development for On-Time Delivery

Managing electronics product development for on-time delivery requires a strategic and organized approach. Given the complexity and highly specific requirements of today’s electronics devices, project management requires more careful coordination than ever between customers and manufacturers. At Pergamon, we optimize the product development and manufacturing processes to smooth the path to production and ultimately keep [...]

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Streamlining Electronics Product Development Through Cross-Functional Collaboration

In the modern electronics manufacturing space, close collaboration with your EMS company is more critical than ever to ensure the success of your overall project. Due to the ever-increasing complexity of common electronic devices, the typical EMS role today extends far beyond the traditional services offered by contract manufacturing companies. In order to ensure a [...]

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Integrated Design and Manufacturing Is Crucial for Sustainable Electronic Product Development

Integrated design and manufacturing services are crucial for today’s electronics manufacturing companies in order to achieve higher quality products and better sustainability. Many of today’s electronics devices are a complex marriage of performance and functionality. Achieving the goals of both while minimizing costs and waste requires a more integrated approach to the product development and [...]

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From Raw Materials to Finished Devices: Navigating the Electronics Manufacturing Supply Chain

As in many industries, the electronics manufacturing sector’s supply chain has been in a state of flux for several years now. Initial supply chain disruptions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic have never completely subsided, with certain parts and materials consistently backlogged (notably semiconductor related components) due to shortages alongside continually high demand. However, despite the [...]

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Design for Manufacturability and Value Engineering for Today’s Electronics

Design for manufacturability (DFM) and value engineering are integral within the modern electronics manufacturing space. These crucial product development processes help contract manufacturers like Pergamon improve product quality while reducing your overall costs. Moreover, they help us achieve better sustainability both for your products and your supply chain. The Importance of Mechanical Design and 3D [...]

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