Ensuring the overall success of your electronics manufacturing project requires careful supply chain planning and management from the start. You have to balance maintaining a steady supply of all crucial components without overstocking and incurring all of the additional inventory costs that come with it. Simultaneously, you need to plan for any possible bottlenecks or supply chain disruptions down the line, and potentially set up alternative sources to keep your project on track for the long term. Enter Pergamon.

Reliable Supply Chain Planning and Management

At Pergamon, we strive to develop a fully optimized supply chain solution to meet the unique needs of your project. We consider everything from your specific volume requirements and delivery schedule to larger industry trends and market demand. That helps us maintain a steady supply of all the components you need without excessive inventory stocking.

Combining U.S. Manufacturing with Offshore Options

Pergamon achieves a more optimal supply chain for each project by utilizing both onshore and offshore manufacturing solutions. For electronics products that demand the flexibility and enhanced customer visibility which are facilitated through domestic manufacturing, we operate an East Coast factory in addition to our headquarters in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Our U.S.-based manufacturing facility is often the best option for specialized electronics with very low volume requirements, variable market demand, or multiple assembly configurations requiring just-in-time changes.

For many other projects, such as those producing stable products with relatively predictable scheduling, market acceptance often depends on achieving the lowest cost possible while maintaining quality. To best accommodate these projects and minimize costs, our overseas facility will handle assembly without compromising on quality or consistency.

An Inside Look at Pergamon’s Supply Chain Management Processes:

  • Establish a sustainable manufacturing process specific to your project and procurement needs.
  • Ensure a reliable source for all raw materials and individual components that are crucial for production of the end product.
  • Offer a streamlined manufacturing and assembly plan with domestic and offshore production options available.
  • Develop unique electronics testing and inspection solutions to ensure end product quality, functionality, and performance.
  • Schedule for immediate shipment and/or periodic deliveries.
  • Responsive customer service and product support every step of the way.

A More Reliable Supply Chain for Your Custom Electronics

Pergamon’s expertise in supply chain management helps us optimize every project to potentially reduce your costs while establishing a more robust and reliable source for your products.