Managing electronics product development for on-time delivery requires a strategic and organized approach. Given the complexity and highly specific requirements of today’s electronics devices, project management requires more careful coordination than ever between customers and manufacturers.

At Pergamon, we optimize the product development and manufacturing processes to smooth the path to production and ultimately keep your project on schedule. Moreover, our integration of services helps us achieve better sustainability both for your products and your overall supply chain.

Below, we discuss some of the key steps and considerations you should keep in mind to help further ensure successful project management according to your desired schedule.

Electronics part on assembly line

A Step-by-Step Process to Ensure Successful Product Development and On-Time Delivery:

1. Lay Out Your Unique Project Objectives and Requirements

Before you take your project from ideation to the prototype phase, you should carefully outline the overall project goals, scope, and requirements. This includes the end product’s purpose, features, and specific performance requirements, as well as how it will fit into and compete within the larger market. Collaborating with our product development experts, you’ll be able to establish a realistic timeline and begin working towards on-time delivery.

2. Establish a Detailed Production Plan and Schedule

Once you have your project’s overarching goals defined, it’s time to establish a more specific path to market. Pergamon will help you develop a comprehensive production plan that lays out the major tasks, milestones, and deadlines throughout the process. Our extensive experience combined with our integrated design and manufacturing departments helps us establish the most efficient process, then stick to the schedule.

3. Define Your Quality Expectations, Certifications, and Regulatory Requirements

You must fully define your expected quality standards for the final product so that we can choose the most optimal manufacturing processes. This is especially important for products that need to meet specific regulatory requirements or certification standards – e.g. UL/cUL and FCC standards. Establishing a specific testing and validation process early in the product development process is crucial to setting a realistic timeline and ensuring on-time delivery of the finished, fully certified product.

4. Document Everything Related to Your Project

Both customers and manufacturers should maintain comprehensive documentation for all aspects of the project, including all design specifications, prototyping and test results, as well as related communication records. This documentation is sometimes crucial for future reference, especially as we transition into full-scale production. Thorough documentation is sometimes the key to avoiding a production delay, and almost always streamlines the process down the line to facilitate quicker delivery.

5. Continuous Collaboration and Communication

At Pergamon, we strive to maintain open and transparent communication channels with all team members, our suppliers, and our customers. Responsive communication and collaboration are crucial throughout the product development process to make sure you receive the end product you expect. Furthermore, once production is underway, we provide regular updates on project status and immediately notify you of any changes to the timeline.

Collaborative Design and Manufacturing Solutions for Custom Electronics

Pergamon is a total solutions provider offering fully integrated product development services to better ensure the success of your overall project. We aim to streamline production from design to delivery, simplify your supply chain, and establish a sustainable manufacturing solution specific to your unique products and market.