Integrated design and manufacturing services are crucial for today’s electronics manufacturing companies in order to achieve higher quality products and better sustainability. Many of today’s electronics devices are a complex marriage of performance and functionality. Achieving the goals of both while minimizing costs and waste requires a more integrated approach to the product development and manufacturing processes.

Partnering with a total solutions provider like Pergamon not only streamlines your project and your path to market – it helps establish leanness and efficiency throughout the overall production process, and ultimately simplifies the supply chain of your products.

Designed for Manufacturability and Sustainability

Pergamon’s approach to product development for custom electronics gives your project a single source for all design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing services. Our unique integration of services enables our company to more efficiently engineer your products in accordance with the most effective and sustainable production processes available.

All of the usual advantages of design for manufacturability (DFM) come into play: less waste, reduced costs and labor, along with shorter lead times and a reduced time to market – all while ensuring superior quality and full regulatory compliance.

Let’s take a closer look at the unique advantages Pergamon can offer your project:

Taking Your Project from Concept to Prototype to Production

Pergamon’s highly evolved product development solutions bring your electronic concepts and inventions to life – whether beginning with prototype development or delving straight into production.

Achieving a Leaner, More Efficient Production Plan

Our engineers and electronic design experts find innovative ways to develop your products and achieve better manufacturability. We engineer every feature according to your exact specs with design considerations that help establish the most efficient path to production.

Integrated Electronics Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Pergamon’s engineering department is fully integrated with our manufacturing teams – whether it’s our state-of-the-art East Coast domestic manufacturing center or our overseas facilities which can more cost-effectively tackle higher volume stable products.

Achieving Better Quality, Consistency, and Sustainability in Custom Electronics Manufacturing

At Pergamon, our aim is to build your electronic products as efficiently as possible. Our responsive, highly integrated electronic design and manufacturing services help us meet the modern industry’s goals in sustainability while exceeding all expectations for quality and customer service.