Design for manufacturability (DFM) and value engineering are integral within the modern electronics manufacturing space. These crucial product development processes help contract manufacturers like Pergamon improve product quality while reducing your overall costs. Moreover, they help us achieve better sustainability both for your products and your supply chain.

The Importance of Mechanical Design and 3D Modeling

3D modeling via computer-aided design (CAD) systems is one way Pergamon’s engineers achieve the most efficient product designs possible. 3D models provide realistic renderings of customer-supplied 2D drawings and product specifications, thereby visualizing a customer’s concepts as realistically as possible before the production process even begins.

Custom 3D modeling facilitates visualization of the final product, helping us to eliminate many design issues before they are brought to life. For example, fitment and tolerance issues between different components can be easily identified and fixed before building the first product or prototype.

Electronics Design for Manufacturability Explained

Design for manufacturability (DFM) for modern electronics is critical for achieving the most cost-effective production plan and the most robust supply chain possible. DFM can also further optimize your products for quality, consistency, and reliability through more efficient manufacturing and assembly processes.

Pergamon’s product engineering experts consider a number of unique factors such as material selection, component placement, compatibility with existing manufacturing processes, and the required product testing procedures.

Collaboration is Key in Electronics Product Development

Close collaboration is key from the outset to ensure the product design is aligned with the manufacturing processes we offer, thus reducing the need for costly design changes later down the line. Pergamon’s approach to product development, which includes closely integrated engineering and manufacturing departments, helps us achieve truly optimized electronics layouts and overall product designs. By simplifying the product and production process wherever possible, we can reduce the ultimate production time and simultaneously decrease the likelihood of manufacturing errors.

Choosing the Optimum Material for Every Product

The choice of materials can also substantially impact the ease of manufacturing. The Value Engineering step helps us arrive at materials that are cost-effective, readily available, and suitable for the intended manufacturing processes. Value Engineering also emphasizes the use of standard components that are readily available in the market to further strengthen customers’ supply chains.

Pergamon’s Design Expertise Includes:

  • Complete product development, engineering, and manufacturing services
  • Analog and digital circuit design
  • Custom PCB layout
  • Integration of IoT communications including Bluetooth/BLE, Zigbee, Ant, Wifi, and cellular
  • Mechanical design services and 3D modeling
  • Embedded firmware development
  • Verification and validation services

30+ Years of Quality-Focused Electronics Manufacturing Solutions

For over three decades, Pergamon has remained committed to superior contract manufacturing services engineered for both efficiency and sustainability. Whether you’re designing a new prototype from scratch or refining and improving an existing product design, our innovative engineering team will ensure a fully optimized solution.