Pergamon’s custom PCB assembly services have become increasingly valuable to our domestic customers.

More than ever, the American electronics industry demands single-source manufacturers that can provide a reliable source for PCB assemblies along with various other critical components. Pergamon delivers, offering some of today’s most state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing technologies both domestically and from our Malaysian facility, helping customers avoid Chinese tariffs while ensuring quality every step of the way.

Quality-Backed PCB Assembly and Layout Services

At Pergamon, we use Altium Designer to provide complete PCB layout services. We can handle custom layouts of virtually any complexity and substrate type, including those with special requirements such as power or thermal design, differential pairs, impedance controlled traces, ESD guarding, capacitive sensing electrodes, etc.

Learn more about our full-service PCB layout and assembly capabilities.

Helping You Avoid the Chinese Tariffs on Electronic Products

Pergamon’s electronic manufacturing facilities are strategically located both in Pennsylvania and out in the Pacific Rim.  More than a decade ago we moved our facilities from China to Malaysia to ensure a more reliable supply chain along with a robust quality control network we could extend to our customers.  We can help our clients avoid the tariff and provide a more reliable supply chain for their future PCBA needs.

Integrating the Latest Electronics Manufacturing Technologies

Our domestic manufacturing facilities are home to some of the modern electronics industry’s most advanced production tools and technologies.  This is also true of our overseas facilities, which integrate some of the most advanced PCB assembly equipment available today. Recently, we upgraded our repertoire with Fuji’s AIMEX III placement machine, further expanding our capability and capacity in the manufacturing of PCB assemblies.

Your Single Source for Quality PCBAs and Custom Electronics

Pergamon continues to see a resurgence in orders for PCB assemblies and related components through both our domestic and overseas facilities.  If you’re looking for a better, more reliable source for your custom electronics, get in touch to discuss our range of manufacturing options.