Pergamon Corporation recently added the Fuji AIMEX III to our repertoire of advanced electronics manufacturing equipment to offer you the utmost in manufacturing versatility and efficiency.  The AIMEX III from Fuji is a state-of-the-art flexible placement platform that is engineered to maximize quality, consistency, and production speed for your PCB assembly project.

  • Capable of processing up to 130 part types on reels, and up to 96 part types on trays
  • High flexibility in part size and dimensions: from 01005 (0402 metric) up to 72mm x 72mm
  • Specially engineered heads that automatically changes tools to accommodate different part sizes, shapes, and designs

The Fuji AIMEX III’s unique head combines three heads into one for a wider range of production options.

Traditionally, a placement machine would require a general purpose head, a high-speed head for rapid production, and another specialized head for processing large, complex, or oddly-shaped parts.

The AIMEX III streamlines all three types of heads with its automatic tool changing capabilities.  Based on robust data collection and on-machine editing parameters, the machine automatically chooses the optimum tool for every part.

The machine’s dual-head system achieves 54,000 part placements per hour with a placement accuracy of +/- 0.05mm.  The single-conveyor AIMEX III can process panels up to 774mm x 710mm in size.  Maximum design flexibility and throughput are achieved via the machine’s highly customizable placement processes.

Automatic Tool Changeout for Optimum Results

The machine’s multi-tool head automatically selects and loads the best tool for each part. Utilizing Fuji’s state-of-the-art DX head system, the AIMEX III supports part sizes ranging from 01005 all the way up to 74 mm x 74 mm. 

Reduced Part Changeover Requirements

Part changeovers are reduced and streamlined with the AIMEX III’s 130 feeder slots. Additionally, the machine is capable of performing batch changeovers, loading all of the required parts in a single procedure, further minimizing changeover time.

Quality Electronics Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions for Your Custom PCB Project

For more than three decades, Pergamon has stayed committed to delivering quality contract manufacturing services including PCB assembly.  We strive to continually refine all of our electronics engineering and manufacturing solutions by investing in the industry’s latest production technologies.