Supply chain optimization is one of the leading topics in the current zeitgeist of custom electronics manufacturing. After all, it doesn’t matter how good your product engineering is if you cannot deliver the finished products on time with consistent quality.

At Pergamon, we strive to both simplify and streamline your supply chain as a total contract design manufacturing solutions provider.

Fully Integrated Electronics Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Relying on numerous providers to design, prototype, test, and manufacture your custom electronics can quickly derail your project, leading to unforeseen costs and production delays. One aspect of this is simply due to supply chain complexity: when you hand your project off to multiple different companies, you run a greater risk of your production stages falling out of sync.

However, the larger issues result from discrepancies between different providers’ services and processes. Your engineering provider may come up with the ideal product design, but are you certain that your custom prototyping provider can create the prototypes without modifications? And once you have an acceptable prototype, how will you avoid all of the common issues when you pass the project off to another manufacturer for full-scale production?

With Pergamon, your project enjoys all the benefits of a single-source electronics engineering and manufacturing provider. We take an integrated approach in integrating our engineering and manufacturing departments to ensure quality, consistency, as well as a streamlined path to market.

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Complete In-House Product Testing and Inspection Capabilities

Before you transition your project into full-scale production, it’s imperative to have your products functionally tested, verified, and in some cases certified. Pergamon can prepare your product for regulatory testing to ensure this process goes smoothly.

Our capabilities include verification testing, functional testing, product validation, as well as safety and regulatory testing for a number of unique electronics applications.

Domestic Manufacturing Quality Combined with International Capacity

For products requiring the flexibility and high customer visibility which can only be provided by local manufacturing, our East Coast domestic manufacturing facility is ideally suited for new products or those with variable demand, lower volume, or multiple configurations. For stable products whose market acceptance depends on achieving the lowest possible cost, we can place the assembly in our overseas facility while still giving you the same high level of customer support. This manufacturing flexibility enables Pergamon to truly optimize the supply chain of each unique product, ensuring the lowest cost and highest speed possible without compromising on quality.

Establishing a More Streamlined Supply Chain and Manufacturing Process

At Pergamon, our goal is to build your electronic products as efficiently as possible through our responsive engineering and manufacturing services. Every optimization to the production process is an opportunity to reduce your costs while building a more sustainable manufacturing platform for your custom electronics.

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