Manufacturing today’s complex electronics requires ingenuity from the engineering stages all the way through product delivery. Integrating our engineering and manufacturing departments helps Pergamon ensure all aspects of product design are optimized in facilitation of an efficient and consistent production process.However, before your custom electronics reach the final stage of production, thorough product testing is critical to avoid potential issues with quality and/or performance – which are likely to be much more costly once full-scale manufacturing is underway. To that end, Pergamon’s integrated engineering and manufacturing solutions also include complete product testing capabilities.

From building custom test fixtures for your electronics to verification, validation, and functional testing solutions, Pergamon is your single-source product development specialist.

An Integrated Approach to Electronics Product Development

Pergamon’s engineering team collaborates closely with our manufacturing department in order to develop a cost-efficient, quality-focused path to production. This integration helps us achieve all of your product design goals and performance requirements while keeping in mind your unique market, budget, and volume requirements.

This product development process includes design for manufacturability (DFM), prototyping, as well as the various product testing processes you require before seamlessly transitioning your electronics to the production line. Our goal is to minimize your time to market, avoid potential supply chain problems, and eliminate any quality/performance issues before they can disrupt your project.

The Application of Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Our integrated engineering and manufacturing departments also help Pergamon design and optimize your products for manufacturability. In addition to helping ensure a streamlined supply chain, our design optimizations can provide your project with numerous advantages such as the cost-savings of lean manufacturing and a reduced turnaround time. Furthermore, DFM helps our engineers establish superior quality before your electronics even reach the final testing phases.

Our Fully Integrated Testing Solutions:

  • Verification Testing
    • Performance characterization
    • Functional testing
    • Environmental Stress Testing
    • Use-Case Simulation
  • Production Test Design
    • Custom Functional Test Fixtures
  • Product Validation Testing

Engineering, Testing, and Manufacturing Solutions for Custom Electronics

Pergamon is a total solutions provider offering fully integrated product development services for a diverse range of custom electronics applications. We aim to streamline your project, simplify your supply chain, and establish a sustainable production plan catered to your unique products.

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