The complexity of developing modern electronic components and systems demands innovation at every step of engineering and manufacturing. Partnering with a total solutions provider such as Pergamon streamlines your products to market and ultimately simplifies your supply chain.

Today’s ubiquitous electronics devices are a marriage of design and functionality. Achieving the goals of both while staying within cost requires a holistic approach to the product development and production processes. Pergamon excels at these requirements through our fully integrated engineering and manufacturing solutions.

Engineered and Designed for Manufacturability

Pergamon’s holistic approach to electronic product development provides your project with a single source for engineering, design, testing, as well as full-scale production. Our holistic integration enables our company to more efficiently optimize your products and prototypes for manufacturability. The benefits of developing your electronics for manufacturability often include reduced costs along with a reduced time to market – all while ensuring quality at every step of the process.

From Concept to Prototype to Production

Pergamon’s responsive product development solutions bring your electronic products, concepts, and inventions to life through our streamlined prototyping services.

Optimized for Lean Manufacturing

From the outset of your project, our engineers work to design your products for lean manufacturability. We engineer every component according to your exact specifications while simultaneously establishing the most efficient path to production.

Integrated Engineering and Production Departments

Pergamon’s innovative engineering department is fully integrated with our manufacturing teams – whether it’s our cutting-edge East Coast domestic manufacturing center and our overseas facility that handles less intensive projects.

Our holistic integration allows us to fully optimize your products and seamlessly transition them to the production line, minimizing your time to market.

Developing a More Sustainable Supply Chain and Production Process

At Pergamon, our goal is to build your electronic products as efficiently as possible through our responsive engineering and manufacturing services. Every optimization to the production process is an opportunity to reduce your costs while building a more sustainable manufacturing platform for your custom electronics.