Strategic project planning is the key to achieving a successful rollout for your products. As a full-service developer and manufacturer of custom electronics and electro-mechanical systems, Pergamon understands the absolute importance of proper planning – from the design and prototyping stages to full-scale production.

The Advantages of Our Hands-On Production Planning Process

Lean Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Pergamon follows a documented design and development process to keep development projects under control, within scope, and operating as efficiently as possible. Our integrated engineering and manufacturing departments work closely with your business to optimize all aspects of production and ensure the long-term sustainability of your project.

Carefully Orchestrated Production

We will prepare a streamlined production plan which identifies all the key tasks, who is responsible for them, when they will be performed, and how they will be verified. The plan is updated continuously and is available to you throughout the project to monitor progress and hold us accountable for our performance.

Full Regulatory Compliance

Our quality technicians ensure that your products are engineered and manufactured in accordance with all applicable regulatory requirements. This includes ISO 9001:2015 certification for general protocols and 21 CFR 820 (FDA) requirements for design control.

Additionally, we can provide your project with EMC remediation services, as well as general support for taking your product through all forms of safety and regulatory testing. Pergamon offers experience in developing custom electronics solutions in accordance with the standards of the industry’s common regulatory agencies including FCC and European EMC standards. We also offer expertise in listing to UL, CE marking, and many other application-specific standards.

Your Custom Electronic Products – Engineered and Optimized In-House

At Pergamon, our goal is to streamline the product development process for your custom electronics. Furthermore, we aim to optimize the total manufacturing process, from prototyping to product planning to full-scale production. Our complete engineering and manufacturing services are integrated to bring your products to market with maximum efficiency and ensure the long-term success of your project.