Pergamon is a leading American contract manufacturer with a production facility in Malaysia for all of your electronic assembly needs:

  • PCB assemblies
  • Cable assemblies
  • Plastic/Metal enclosures
  • Box-Build

Our Malaysian manufacturing capacity has become increasingly advantageous to our customers over the years, as the U.S.’s 25% tariff on Chinese-manufactured PCBAs has priced many lower-margin electronics products out of the market. We can help our clients avoid the tariff and provide a more reliable supply chain for their future PCBA needs.

Combining the Benefits of a U.S. Vendor with Malaysian Manufacturing Capacity

Pergamon’s electronic manufacturing facilities are strategically located both in Pennsylvania and out in the Pacific Rim. More than a decade ago we moved our facilities from China to Malaysia to ensure a more reliable supply chain along with a robust quality control network we could extend to our customers.

However, an added benefit for our customers arose with the U.S. tariffs on electronics components and assemblies sourced from China. Our well-established Malaysian manufacturing channel was already poised to serve our customers with products free from the 25% tariff.

Furthermore, Pergamon’s robust vendor network gives our customers peace of mind: they are assured of a reliable source for their critical components, rather than having to calculate in the cost of potential tariffs, or worry about more drastic supply chain disruptions resulting from international tensions.

Your Single Source for Quality PCBA Components and Custom Electronics

Pergamon continues to see a resurgence in orders for PCB assemblies and related components via our quality-backed Malaysian capacity. If you’re looking for a better, more reliable source for your custom electronics, get in touch to discuss our range of manufacturing options.