In the modern electronics manufacturing space, close collaboration with your EMS company is more critical than ever to ensure the success of your overall project.

Due to the ever-increasing complexity of common electronic devices, the typical EMS role today extends far beyond the traditional services offered by contract manufacturing companies. In order to ensure a smooth development of your products and ongoing success in the market, Pergamon provides additional design and engineering consultation, iterative prototyping, product testing, regulatory compliance, as well as various means of supply chain management and support.

Tackling all of these roles effectively requires a highly experienced EMS company with the flexibility, expertise, and industry connections to bring your project to fruition as efficiently as possible. That’s why Pergamon evolved into an EMS provider with fully integrated design, engineering, and manufacturing departments.

No matter what stage of development you’re at, we can offer the leanest path forward to reach the finished product.

Key Factors to Ensure Success in the Development of Custom Electronics:

Collaboration in Electronics Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Our collaborative engineering and manufacturing departments help Pergamon achieve optimization in the realm of design manufacturability. In short, that means your products will ultimately be manufactured as smoothly, consistently, and cost-effectively as possible – fully optimized for the production processes at our disposal.

Furthermore, collaboration in design for manufacturability helps our engineers iron out any quality or performance issues before your products reach the final testing phase.

Integrated Engineering and Lean Manufacturing Services

Pergamon follows a documented design and development process to keep development projects under control, within scope, and operating as efficiently as possible. Our integrated engineering and manufacturing departments work closely with your business to optimize production and ensure the long-term sustainability of your project.

Remaining at the Forefront of Today’s Electronics Industry

Backed by decades of combined experience in many diverse electronics applications, Pergamon’s design team intimately understands the evolution of technology in the modern electronics space. Our keen perspective on the market and the underlying industry that supports it lets us fully leverage our expertise behind the success of your products.

Collaborative Design and Manufacturing Solutions for Custom Electronics

Pergamon is a total solutions provider that provides fully integrated product development services to better ensure the success of your overall project. We aim to streamline production from design to delivery, simplify your supply chain, and establish a sustainable manufacturing solution specific to your unique products and market.