From prototype design to production to delivery, Pergamon provides the precision that your electronics manufacturing project deserves. To that end, our diverse range of engineering and technical support solutions include the capability to build custom functional test fixtures that are carefully designed for your unique products.

Custom Functional Test Fixturing to Verify Quality and Performance

With complex custom electronic components and PCB assemblies, functional test fixturing is integral to the quality assurance process. Every single circuit and connection must be precise for the product to function reliably once it is put into production.

At Pergamon, we engineer custom test fixtures which enable us to streamline that entire process. Developing custom fixturing allows us to verify the full functionality of every component while providing robust data to further enhance and optimize your products for manufacturability.

Functional Testing Solutions for Your Custom Electronics Products

Pergamon’s precision functional testing capabilities and product applications include:

  • Clamshell fixturing with overhead clamping or top-side test points
  • JTAG / boundary scan
  • Integrated device programming
  • Automatic upload of test data
  • GPIB control of measurement instruments
  • RF isolation of DUT

Complete Contract Manufacturing Services and Product Development Solutions

Put our quality-driven functional testing solutions to work for your next contract manufacturing project. Through the holistic integration of electronics engineering, manufacturing, and quality testing services, Pergamon is able to offer unparalleled responsiveness and efficiency throughout every stage of production.