Pergamon is committed to delivering superior quality, consistency, and functionality with all of our custom-engineered electronics solutions. To that end, our holistic approach to design and manufacturing includes a complete range of application-specific functional testing capabilities.


Beginning with the design and prototyping stages of your project, Pergamon integrates expertly engineered quality assurance checks to ensure your products’ uncompromised functionality and performance.

Optimizing Your Prototypes for Manufacturability

At Pergamon, our in-house prototyping processes include expert assembly utilizing the same equipment and manufacturing processes that will be used in final production. As a result, our prototypes are developed more reliably and consistently, reducing your overall production costs while minimizing the turnaround time between design and delivery.

Our holistic approach to product development ensures optimum manufacturability and maximum quality. Learn more about Pergamon’s innovative Product Development Process.

Verification Testing Services

Product samples undergo consistent verification testing throughout the design and prototyping processes. Our quality assurance experts ensure that every custom specification is met with accuracy  through a variety of test methodologies, including:

  • Bench measurements
  • Use-case simulation
  • Environmental stress testing

Learn more about the complete testing capabilities of our state-of-the-art facility.

Functional Testing Services and Product Validation

Final design validation can be performed on the finished product samples to ensure they reliably meet every specification in both functionality and performance. We independently evaluate the actual test results against requirements to confirm every specification is consistently met.

At Pergamon, our process validation methods go one step further. We confirm our unique production processes aren’t only capable, but optimized for producing devices which can consistently meet your 

every specification.  We can participate in your validation process by providing selected inputs, or provide complete formal validation reports at your request.

A Complete Solutions Provider for Your Custom Electronics Project

Pergamon Corporation is a complete solutions provider capable of tackling your project from start to finish. Our innovative production model holistically integrates complete engineering, manufacturing, and testing services to streamline your path to market.