Synergized Design and Manufacturing Services for More Efficient and Sustainable Production

At Pergamon, we strive to provide superior responsiveness and efficiency throughout the entire engineering and manufacturing process. From designing your custom electronics prototypes to verification testing and validation, we have uniquely integrated our production services with our product development and engineering departments. Furthermore, our robust quality control system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards to ensure unparalleled quality, consistency, and on-time delivery.

Design + Manufacturing = Optimized Production Solutions

At the heart of Pergamon’s streamlined production process is a synergy between our innovative design and manufacturing departments. It is within the design stage that we transform your ideas and unique specifications into functional products which can be manufactured both efficiently and consistently. Our designers, engineers, and craftsmen collaborate thoroughly in order to ensure every that product is brought to fruition as effectively as possible.

Synergizing these processes allows us to minimize your time-to-market as well as your product development costs.

The Benefits Our Integrated Product Engineering and Manufacturing System

Pergamon is staffed with a team of the electronics industry’s finest engineers, designers, and manufacturing craftsmen. Many of our competitors rely on inefficient, outsourced design services, or they utilize an outdated “over the transom” production transfer model to bring your products to market. In contrast, our innovative engineering and manufacturing departments work together closely, fine-tuning our production processes to your unique electronics application and optimizing your products for manufacturability.

With Pergamon, we develop your custom products and prototypes completely in-house. Each iteration is meticulously tested and refined to ensure performance and optimize its manufacturability. This process helps ensure a seamless transition of your products into full-scale production.

Optimized Production and Efficiency

Our synergized prototyping methods aim to streamline every stage of the development and production process. The close collaboration of our departments allow us to turn your custom specifications into fully-functioning electronics products in rapid time while eliminating the inefficiencies which lead to increased costs, production delays, and ultimately lost market share.

Less Cost, Less Headaches

Our dedicated engineering team is backed by decades of combined industry experience in the development of electronics prototyping projects. We know what it takes to successfully develop your prototypes into working products and streamline their path to market. We strive to eliminate any production delays and minimize developmental costs. Simultaneously, we back every product with the superior quality control and customer support you can only find in a premium American manufacturer.

Let’s Discuss Your Next Custom Prototyping Project

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