Streamlined Electronics Manufacturing Solutions – From Custom Design to Turnkey Delivery

Pergamon offers highly customizable prototyping and production services with a scalable manufacturing model. This enables us to tackle a much wider range of innovative electronics projects, from unique prototypes to high-volume runs. Our full suite of in-house engineering solutions enable you to focus on your product roll-out strategy and marketing while all of your outsourced manufacturing requirements are handled with the efficiency and expertise your products deserve.

Minimize Your Production Costs and Simplify Your Supply Chain

Every business owner knows that strategic consolidation is the key to keeping your custom electronics production running both smoothly and efficiently. Outsourcing and supply chain sprawl leads to redundancy, conflict, and a wealth of complications. Inevitably, the result is wasted time, product delays, and unnecessary costs – any of which can derail your project and sideline your position in the marketplace.

At Pergamon, we’ve built an entire enterprise around efficiency by offering a complete, start-to-finish range of electronics manufacturing services to quality-focused OEMs around the world.

We Turn Your Concepts into Reality Through Creative Electronics Engineering and Prototyping Solutions

    • Whatever stage of the process your idea is in, we work with it and hone it into a scalable design.
    • We transform that design into a prototype built with exceptional quality according to your exact specifications.
    • We translate that prototype into an efficient model for production according to your needs and price targets.
    • Finally, we ramp up production of the finalized product and ensure it’s ready to bring to market – at whatever scale your business requires.

You Focus on Your Products and Marketing While We Tackle the Engineering and Manufacturing Process

You bring us the ideas and concepts for your custom electronics and Pergamon develops them into fully functioning products. 

You give us your prototype specs and desired functionality, then get to work on building a market for your product. Meanwhile, our expert engineers handle the heavy lifting of design, testing, manufacturing, and logistics. 

Or if you simply have an engineering problem that you need to solve – no matter how application-specific or complex – Pergamon will help solve it through our innovative electronics design solutions.

A Holistic Approach to Design and Manufacturing

Pergamon offers a complete, holistic solution for every stage of the custom electronics design and manufacturing process. Get in touch with our product development experts to get your next project underway.