Pergamon’s full-service electronics production facility includes an integrated fabrication department specializing in molded plastics and composites.

We have developed our engineering and manufacturing services holistically in order to offer your project a true single-source solution. From the design to the delivery of your products, we aim to optimize every step of production.

Located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, our facility is outfitted with some of the plastic/composite molding and machining industries’ most advanced fabrication equipment. From relatively simple electronics components to intricate electro-mechanical box builds, our team is capable of manufacturing your custom prototypes and finished products while maintaining superior quality and consistency.

Pergamon’s Plastic Molding and Machining Solutions

CNC Machine Shop – CNC turning, milling, drilling, and various other precision machining operations capable of producing complex components with close tolerances.

Mold Design and Machining – Custom mold design solutions optimized for your products and CNC machined plastic molds manufactured to your specifications.

Injection Molding, RTM and VARTM Molding – Innovative molding solutions for composites, silicones and plastics.

Composite Manufacturing – Hand lay-up of custom composite products including advanced aerospace composites.

Sonic Welding Capabilities – Sonic welding services for plastic components and assemblies.

PCB Encapsulation and Overmolding – Rigid, flex, and rigid-flex PCBs, offered in various premium materials such as epoxies, urethanes, plastics, composites, silicones, etc.

Welding Services – Custom welding solutions including MIG, TIG, and various other quality welding operations.

Plasma Cutting Services – State-of-the-art plasma cutting capabilities capable of achieving complex component geometries.

Laser Cut Foams and Plastics – Precision laser-cut foams, patterns, sheet material, polyimide, acrylics, etc.

Our Holistic Approach to Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing Provides:

  • Lower overall production costs.
  • Streamlined product design, engineering and development services.
  • More efficient and sustainable production process.
  • Shorter turnaround time to market.

Whether you’re working on a new prototype, rolling out a new product, or refining a previous mold design, Pergamon is your single-source American provider of quality electronics engineering and fabrication services.