Article Series: Selecting an Engineering Services Partner.

Are you looking to outsource an engineering project or supplement your own resources with an outside provider? Finding the right partner can be a difficult task and making the wrong choice can put your project or even your whole business at risk.

To help make sure the vendor/supplier you choose is the best fit for your business, consider the guidelines below:

  • Define your requirements
  • Identify candidates & send out your RFP
  • Evaluate the candidates
  • Evaluate the proposals
  • Make your selection and award the contract

The better a vendor understands your product and project goals, the better they can help you. In many cases, simply the process of communicating and clarifying requirements with the vendor at the quoting stage moves the design process forward substantially, and vendor input at this stage usually costs you nothing.

If you are looking for a high-quality Contract Manufacturer with experienced engineering capability, Pergamon Corp. would welcome discussing our services with you.