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fNIR Devices LLC


Our partnership began in 2009, when startup fNIR Devices contracted Pergamon to take their near-infrared brain imaging device from a lab-built prototype to a commercial product. We converted the PCB to surface mount technology for better cost and reliability, made circuit design changes to meet ESD and EMC requirements for CE marking, packaged the controller electronics in an off-the-shelf enclosure with customized front and rear panels, and developed a silicone over-mold process to protect the flexible sensor and achieve a consistent design aesthetic with the controller.

After the success of the Model 1000 and its upgrade to the Model 1100, we designed and built a portable battery-powered version with an IEEE 802.15.4 radio for remote data collection.

We manufacture these products in our East Coast factory for the best overall management of lead-time and adaptability, with PCBs and several custom components being sourced from our offshore vendors.


fNIR Devices is the premier supplier of Continuous Wave Functional Near Infrared (fNIR) Spectroscopy portable imaging systems for research and other non-clinical applications. This portable system is capable of monitoring the brain’s hemodynamic and thereby the cognitive state of the subject in natural environments.


Biometric Signal Measurement Instrument

Biometric Signal Measurement Instrument

Flexible Circuit Sensor

Silicone Over-mold Flexible Circuit


Engineering Lab

Engineering Lab