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Electronics Manufacturing Services

Pergamon provides a comprehensive set of services to support you in bringing your product to market; from design and development, to new product introduction, to volume manufacturing.

We tailor our services to your project’s requirements. With the assistance of our seasoned development team, we will bring your product idea to market quickly and efficiently. Our design and engineering are co-located and well integrated with manufacturing to allow for lower cost, optimized production, and higher efficiency.


Product Life Cycle


Product Development

Our product development team excels at bringing your new product idea to market quickly by using our in-depth knowledge of design, engineering, and manufacturing.  We treat DFM as an integrated process rather than an individual design phase, and our expertise in engineering and manufacturing complements this synergistic relationship.

Engineering and Technical Support

The same dedicated engineering team which delivers world-class product designs is also available to solve specific technical problems and support your internal team with additional resources.  Whether you need a circuit design or a PCB layout, a fix for a persistent failure mode or an EMC remediation to qualify for CE mark, an enclosure design or a production test fixture, we stand ready to help.


For products requiring the flexibility and high customer visibility which can only be provided by local manufacturing, our East-coast manufacturing facility is ideally suited for new products or those with variable demand, lower volume, or multiple configurations.

For stable products whose market acceptance depends on achieving the lowest possible cost, we can place the assembly in our overseas facility while still giving you the same high level of customer support.