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Case Study

Personal Emergency Response System

The Story

Since 1996 Pergamon has partnered with the client to develop and produce products that have enabled them to grow and diversify. At that time the client had a field-proven but aging PERS unit, which needed new features to keep up with market demands such as 2-way voice communication, longer battery life, and better RF range.

The client awarded Pergamon the design project despite having their own internal engineering capability for two reasons which we have found to be universal among our customers with a strong service component to their businesses. First, the client’s engineering resources were far better spent on building their systems’ infrastructure and delivering high levels of product support and customer service. Second, they understood how developing a deep relationship with a single vendor for both design and manufacturing would allow Pergamon to contribute far more to their success.

Ever since that first design project, this client has continued to rely on Pergamon for support in all areas of the product life cycle, from quick-turnaround marketing demos to full-blown product developments, and from domestic production with lot-level customization right on  the production line to overseas production of standard, fully tested and packaged product ready for shipment to customers.

We are also proud to have become the go-to resource for engineering support spanning all of their products, including custom application firmware development for customers with unique feature requirements, production test fixture development, regulatory engineering for safety and EMC certifications, sustaining engineering to extend the useful life of products, and reliability engineering for continuous improvement driven by end-user feedback.

The Client

The client is a leading supplier of personal emergency response systems (PERS), telehealth solutions, and contact center services for healthcare engagement and remote monitoring of seniors and special needs groups.

Product Design and Testing Solution

Battery Power Device with Charger Base
Web-integrated Health Data Collection Device

Domestic prototype and manufacturing solution

Two-Way Voice Communication Device
Crimping Press for Cable Assembly
Complete Tested Unit with Customized Packaging
Multi-Board System with Inter-changeable Radio Receiver; Customized Plastic Injection Molding

Domestic prototype and manufacturing solution

Engineering Lab
RF Signal Analysis Capability