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About Us

Pergamon provides highly-customized services with a scalable manufacturing/production model, allowing you to focus on product strategy and marketing while outsourcing engineering and manufacturing. We take a holistic approach to your product’s development by co-locating select development, engineering, and manufacturing teams. This synergistic strategy provides you with lower costs, more efficient production, and shorter time to market.

Highly-customized services

  • We create an Individualized plan for your product.
  • We pay attention to your company’s language, proximity, and time zone preferences.
  • We welcome working with small to mid-sized companies or a division of a larger company and can customize a production plan using our domestic and off-shore resources.

Holistic approach

  • We provide a comprehensive set of services to support you in bringing your product to market.
  • Our services include design and development, new product introduction, and volume manufacturing.
  • We provide services to support your product’s lifecycle.

Synergistic strategy

  • Our design and engineering teams are integrated with manufacturing.
  • Our synergistic model allows for lower cost, optimized production, and higher efficiency.
  • Collective purchase power saves you money.

Our team views current projects holistically to create an individualized plan for your product’s design, engineering, and manufacturing. Our international component complements our domestic services, allowing us to tailor the plan to your needs. Whether your concern is low cost, quick turnaround, or flexibility, we can combine the optimal manufacturing and sourcing options with our superior purchasing power to meet your requirements.

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