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Case Study

Circulator Boot Company

The Story

Circulator Boot Corporation came to Pergamon with a need to update the look and functionality of their circulation therapy device which had been on the market for many years. Our ability to provide both manufacturing and engineering services was a key factor in their vendor selection, as the project required re-assembling the manufacturing documentation from a variety of sources, addressing component obsolescence, repackaging the device to upgrade the look and eliminate an expensive custom enclosure, and engage with UL to take over the production as a new manufacturing location.

The Client

Circulator Boot Company markets the Circulator Boot™, a non-invasive, FDA-approved device meant to benefit heart function and all of the circulations in the body: arterial, venous, and lymphatic.  The end-diastolic timing of its leg compressions is unique and has been used in large numbers of patients to salvage legs at risk of amputation.

Domestic prototype and manufacturing solution

Customized off-the-shelf enclosure
CNC Milling
PCBA Customized Functional Test Fixture
Front Panel with PCBA and Cable Assemblies

Engineering support solution

Engineering Lab